Not science fiction, but weirder than fiction.

1979. Soesterberg Air Base.

Right in the middle of the Netherlands and also right in the middle of the Cold War. Soesterberg was the first defensive line for the Americans against the Russians...

A quarter to five on the frigid morning of February 3. The base was quiet, only a dozen military guards were awake and on duty that night. Suddenly a gigantic triangular object startled the guards as it glided silently over the airbase, illuminating the entire runway with beams so bright you could read a book in it.
The event was so abrupt and unusual that the guards were dumbfounded and didn't know what to do. According to their testimony, after 5 minutes the object was at the end of the airbase and shot up to the sky to remain forever burned on the witnesses' retinas.

Not long after the incident, radio network VPRO received an anonymous tip of the incident and the editors made an appointment with Captain Castenmiller (the person responsible for communications at the air force base). Together with ten people from the security personnel who were present during the strange sighting, they reconstructed what they had seen and told how they were mocked by their fellow airforce colleagues. Finally, they were told the official statement by the Air Force; namely, a reflection from car headlights projected into the sky due to temperature changes in a “layer of air.” You can imagine that these military men were anything but satisfied with this statement. They had seen a real object, something technological. They had already been ridiculed by their friends and family at home and now that they were back on base, they were once again called fools who had fallen for a mirage.

Because I thought that these kinds of wonderful stories never take place in the down-to-earth Netherlands, I went looking for similar stories. And during my search I came across three other fantastic UFO sightings. All on military soil and all within 2 miles of the Soesterberg Air Base! And all close encounters! The one more bizarre than the other. This must be seen to be believed...