ParaVisie Magazine


ParaVisie Magazine, the most famous spiritual/paranormal magazine in the Netherlands regularly has articles about UFOs. The January 2024 edition contains an extensive 9-page article about The UFOs of Soesterberg.

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De Akelige Podcast


De dames van De Akelige Podcast waren bij een vertoning van De UFO's van Soesterberg. Het inspireerde hun om Vliegbasis Soesterberg ook eens te bezoeken en het er over te hebben in de podcast aflevering over Provincie Utrecht. Hier te luisteren:
Afl. 13: de heksenwaag, een bloedbad en UFO's in regio Utrecht by De Akelige Podcast (

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Screen Anarchy


Wow! Screen Anarchy is one of the better online film magazines out there. And it just reviewed The UFO's of Soesterberg. It's an honour getting this much respect for it. Read it here: 
THE UFOS OF SOESTERBERG Review: Keeping Things Refreshingly Real (

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RTV Gouwestad / Wie kent Gouda


Radio Gouwestad's weekend program Wie kent Gouda? always has high-profile citizens of Gouda in the studio. This time I was asked to be a guest and talk about The UFOs of Soesterberg and UFOs in general. Listen to it here: Wie kent Gouda (

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The infamous media outlet VICE has published a nice interview with me in their tech magazine Motherboard about The UFOs of Soesterberg, our reporting center and UFOs in general. With thanks to Lisa Lotens. Read the full article here:

Het is hoog tijd om het gesprek over ufo's te normaliseren (

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De Telegraaf / De Limburger


Telegraaf reporter Rick de Graaff was present at the premiere of The UFOs of Soesterberg on November 11 and reported:
Wat vloog er over vliegbasis Soesterberg? ’Ik heb die ufo wel degelijk gezien’ | Film |

It's nice that the article was also used for De Limburger:
Wat vloog er over die vliegbasis? ‘Ik heb dat ding wel degel... - De Limburger

And below is the article in the physical newspaper:​​​​​​​

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NPO Radio 5 / Thuis op 5


In the daily late night program of NPO Radio 5, Petra de Joode asked me about The UFOs of Soesterberg and told me that in an earlier broadcast about UFOs they received a lot of calls from listeners who also had really special experiences. Listen to it here:

De UFO's van Soesterberg | NPO Radio 5

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AD video


The video editors of Algemeen Dagblad were also interested in the documentary and the incident at Soesterberg air base.


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Algemeen Dagblad (AD)


I went back to the site of the UFO incident with Rob Jansen, a former employee and UFO witness from Soesterberg Air Base, and was interviewed by AD.
Zag Rob een ufo boven Soesterberg? Na 40 jaar is het mysterie nog steeds niet opgelost | Amersfoort |

And below are the various physical newspaper articles:


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Het Kontakt / De Goudse Post


Nice article by Remco van Gastel in De Goudse Post about The UFOs of Soesterberg and opening up to UFOs in general. With a photo of Sandra Zeilstra where I am holding a flying saucer that was once made by the special fx maker HC Smulders.
Goudse regisseur Bram maakte een documentaire over UFO’s in Nederland: ‘Er moeten genoeg bewoonde planeten zijn’ - Al het nieuws uit Gouda (

The physical newspaper also contained a matching cartoon:

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RTV Utrecht / NOS


Lovely piece from RTV Utrecht. But their reporting says there's only 70 Ufo-reports per year, which is incorrect. That must be 1200 reports each year :)
UFO die in 1979 boven vliegbasis Soesterberg vloog maakte onuitwisbare indruk op militairen - RTV Utrecht

It's also nice that national news outlet NOS shared the article:
UFO die in 1979 boven vliegbasis Soesterberg vloog maakte onuitwisbare indruk op militairen (

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Radio Utrecht / Utrecht is Wakker


From 10:20 you can listen to an item about The UFOs of Soesterberg on the radio program Utrecht is WakkerUtrecht is Wakker - RTV Utrecht

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This morning I was a guest on the radio with Hanneke Kiel on Eemland1. You can listen to the fragment here:

Documentaire: De ufo’s van Soesterberg | EEMLAND1

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Poppencast podcast


Although De Poppencast podcast is a bit more conspiracy oriented, it was still fun to talk about UFOs, aliens and of course The UFOs of Soesterberg:

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Straatnieuws Den Haag/Rotterdam


De Straatkrant of The Hague and Rotterdam is published 17 times a year with a circulation of 6,000 copies. It is a newspaper full of news and background information from the street, which sellers then offer for sale on that same street. But it also contains articles about all kinds of things. The November edition (#15) now also contains a large piece about The UFOs of Soesterberg! Cool!

Straatnieuws Den Haag/Rotterdam | Het nieuws van de straat (

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In de buurt / AD


In de Buurt Gouda once again devoted an article to The UFOs of Soesterberg. It can be read here: 
Nu in de bios: eerste Nederlandse docu over ufo's van Gouwenaar Bram Roza - indebuurt Gouda

And it's great that national newspaper AD also shared the message: 
Nu in de bios: eerste Nederlandse docu over ufo's van Gouwenaar Bram Roza | Gouda |

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Soester Courant


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Noord-Hollands Dagblad


An extensive interview about all the ins and outs of The UFOs of Soesterberg. To read it you need a subscription to Het Dagblad van het Noorden:

Mensen doen nog steeds mysterieuze ufo-waarnemingen bij Soesterberg: ’Er gebeuren hier dingen’ | Noordhollands Dagblad

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FunX Radio


A light-hearted interview with Chanel from NPO urban radio program FunX. Of course, The UFOs of Soesterberg were also discussed. Listen to it here:

Zoveel UFO's worden er per maand gezien in Nederland! -

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Harlekijn - Het tijdschrift van Herman van Veen


The last Harlekijn magazine contained a nice article about the Soesterberg UFO. The magazine started by Herman Van Veen (famous Dutch artist) posted this because the Herman Van Veen Arts Center is located on the Paltz estate, an inlet of Soesterberg Air Base! What do you think of that!


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