NH Nieuws


Tomorrow is February 3! And then we'll celebrate the anniversary of 'The UFO of Soesterberg'. The most important UFO incident of The Netherlands! Art from NH Radio asked about this classic close encounter. So turn on the sound and listen to how you can participate tomorrow to make this special sighting more known 🛸 📻


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Schokkend Nieuws Filmmagazine


The best magazine in the Netherlands also has their eye on our documentary. Normally, Schokkend Nieuws Filmmagazine only writes about genre films, but for our documentary they made an exception. And it becomes even more shocking, because in the news section, where our film is featured, one item is always highlighted with a beautiful illustration by award-winning illustrator Milan Hulsing. Three guesses as to which face Milan has chosen to portray.

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RTV Utrecht


RTV Utrecht interviewed me on the runway of Soesterberg Air Base about the Soesterberg UFO and the upcoming documentary.

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